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posted May 12th, 2017, 5:00 am

Fun fact, my printer borked up printing the comic blank and I had to digitally staple half of the bottom margin to the top to give it normal margins. I am a  c o m p e t e n t  a r t i s t

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May 10th, 2017, 8:41 pm

Mort Harris


In their campaign, it breaks down as follows:

Luke is the DM; his Underdark campaign is an homage to, by which he means ripoff of, Sunless Sea. It’s generally a lighthearted and heroic campaign, which of course means that he drops plot, sorrow, and horror on the players when they least expect it. Yes, he wears a robe to DM.
Nat is Iknik Blackstone, a lawful neutral-to-good drow Mastermind rogue with the Waterdeep noble (technically Akleshgaad merchant, but) background. She’s basically just Iknik Blackstone Varrick, complete with appreciation for women and science and with a burgeoning “con-shunse”.
Perry is Ssillissk Sawtooth, a neutral good lizardfolk Gunsmith alchemist with the folk hero background. She has a secret ancestry as the queen of the lizardfolk, a secret passion for dressing up fancy, and a very nonsecret gun. Perry has big plans for when the nerd lizard becomes queen.
Danielle is Taamas Zhr’tasz, a lawful good duergar Order of the Immortal mystic with the city watch background. They are disgustingly pure-hearted and given to cheesy speeches. This is a calculated effort, because if you act like the big dumb hero who only uses their mind to manifest claws, nobody suspects that you are also capable of deduction.
Noora is Field-of-Garfish, a blatantly chaotic evil tabaxi Archfey Pact warlock with the guild merchant background. He is the cartoonishly evil teammate, always on the lookout for a deal, whether economic or Faustian. Noora is the only one who listens to TAZ at the moment and she is of two minds over whether to let the others in on the joke or keep them from realizing what she’s up to.
Noah is Floran Ararat, a chaotic good tiefling Oath of Vengeance paladin with the urchin background. The name and horns come from Noah’s trollsona, the alignment comes from Noah not really understanding the alignment system, and the rest is Noah completely misunderstanding the tenor of Luke’s game. Luke really doesn’t want to keep anyone from playing what they want to, but Floran is edgier than a razor blade factory, and Luke’s having a hard time keeping the others from having fun with Floran’s tonal dissonance.

Luke's house layout, and the sun chips, are taken directly from my highschool D&D group.

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