This is the location of ancillary information about the comic and/or its setting. Right now, there's just this description of the setting, the fictional town of Morgansburg, Maryland, but more lore will be added as it is developed.

Morgansburg, MD, pop. 11,814, was founded as a pseudo-charitable enterprise in 1932 by condiment manufacturer Morgan H. Morgan, who believed that the creation of a town would create jobs and alleviate economic tension. The town was centered around the Fourty-Eighth Morgan Condiment Plant, which produced a variety of salad dressings, meat sauces, and, most notably, Morgan H. Morgan�s Fish & Crab Sauce, a spicy-vinegary concoction the secret recipe for which is today kept under lock and key at Morgansburg City Hall.

Sadly, Morgan�s grand venture failed within the decade, his creation ousted by the blend of eighteen herbs and spices invented by a German immigrant by the name of Gustav Brunn, and he died in obscurity soon after.

Morgansburg outlived its founder, however, and maintained a healthy fishing industry, and, during the war, the Morgan plant was commissioned to produce ketchup and mustard for the soldiers. In later years, as the fishing industry slowed the town slowly moved towards tourism, helped in part by the clear waters of secluded Vinaigrette Cove, less touched by pollution than the surrounding Chesapeake, due to thick vegetal barriers and strict municipal by-laws, both created by Morgan H. Morgan in the founding of the town.

Today, Morgansburg boasts a healthy tourist trade and a thriving community of determined watermen who still make a living from the bounty of the Bay, as well as a recently-opened electronics factory. With a recently-refurbished boardwalk, locally owned & run Three Elms Amusement Park, beautiful waterways, and a throng of local legends, not to mention the proximity of bustling Baltimore and historic Annapolis � why not make Morgansburg your choice for a visit today?